ShareHouse Rehab Center Opens New Unit Unique to the Metro

ShareHouse adds on a recovery living center in their facility

FARGO, ND — Life after rehab can lead to uncertainty for recovering addicts.

A new recovery living center may have the answers patients need.

In 2015, 61 people died from drug related causes according to CDC reports.

Although there are numerous rehab centers in the metro, addicts can be at risk of relapse after being released.

“Lots of times they don’t have a safe place to return to,” said Jeremy Traen, who is the program director of residential services at ShareHouse. “Whether it’s because they’re homeless or because of where they came from.”

It’s why ShareHouse Rehab Center added a new recovery living unit for patients to give them a post-rehab option.

“This provides them a safe atmosphere for them to reside in so they can continue their recovery,” said Traen.

It will only be available for people who qualify for a sober living level four.

This means it’s for people who are in recovery but can’t fully live on their own.

“We do actual interviews where staff members are interviewing these potential residents or clients prior to them getting into residential recovery living,” said Traen.

This is where treatment of patients becomes more intense.

“The level 4 aspect comes into play where we put a little bit more structure on our clients as opposed to other recovery living that is offered in the community,” explained Traen. “Provide for random breathalyzers and urine analysis for drug screens.”

The recovery living center started off with nine bedrooms that were available this week and seven are already occupied.

“We have space for two more people,” said Traen. “It’s all an internal process right now.”

He also said this is only the beginning.

“In the near future, we hope to grow it so that we can have external services all around North Dakota and Minnesota,” he said.

The recovery living center will be available to patients for six months to give them all of the necessary support they need.

After six months, each client will have a case management service set up to help them find employment and safe new living arrangements.

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