The Red River Zoo Welcomes a New Addition

A new Sichuan Takin was born this afternoon at the zoo

FARGO, N.D. — Easter wasn’t the only celebration at the Red River Zoo.

Staff announced the birth of a new baby Takin which happened right on exhibit this afternoon.

The Sichuan Takin is one of the SSP animals and is a part of a special breeding program.

They’re also national treasures of China and one of the main attractions.

The staff say they were more than excited for this new addition to the Takin family.

“I just love days like this,” said Sally Jacobson, Executive Director with the Red River Zoo.  “This is what the zoo is here for community, for family fun and it’s here really to save animal species one at a time so we’re happy to celebrate this birth,”

Sichaun Takins are classified as an endangered species because of over-hunting and habitat destruction.

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