The Red River Zoo Celebrates Earth Day

A party was held at the red river zoo with all Earth Day activities

FARGO, N.D. — Hundreds celebrate Earth Day with animals from around the planet at a zoo party.

The Red River Zoo hosted Party for the Planet.  Their goal was to bring awareness to the zoo’s conservation efforts with do it yourself ecology projects and other environment friendly lessons.

Several activities were set up for kids to learn how they can help the earth. Zoo staff members say it’s the perfect blend of education and fun.

“The best way to learn is when you’re having fun because you’re learning without realizing it, and every one of us has something that we can do for Earth Day and all year long to help the planet,” said executive director of the Red River Zoo, Sally Jacobson.  “It’s really easy simple stuff. We don’t have to go out and try to rescue the rainforest, it’s one thing at a time.”

The Red River Zoo is officially open with summer hours, operating every day from 10 am-7 pm.

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