McKinley First Graders Become Inventors

"Not a Box" Inventions were presented by first graders as part of their 21st century learning curriculum

FARGO, ND — First graders are showing how innovative they are at such a young age.

Students at McKinley Elementary presented cardboard box inventions to classmates and invited guests.

Small groups were asked to utilize their 21st century skills.

They were responsible for planning, gathering supplies, building, testing and evaluating their final “Not a Box” inventions.

Teachers say it was the perfect opportunity for the students to use their speaking, listening and writing skills.

“It promotes those 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking collaboration,” said Carrie Mickelson, who is a first grade teacher with McKinely Elementary. “It’s very important for the kids to work together as a team and if I had given them the choice, they all would’ve done their own projects.”

Parents, school administrators and district administrators were invited to view the final presentations.

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