Cupcake Wars: The Fargo Davies High School Edition

Young students get a taste of competitive baking

FARGO, N.D. — High school students in Fargo are getting in on a Food Network inspired competition.

Teams of students at Davies High School were given 20 minutes of baking time for its annual Cupcake Wars competition.

Like in the show, they had to use secret ingredients, which were limes, cayenne pepper, avocado and Mexican chocolate.

We asked one of the teachers for advice on how to make these unusual baking ingredients into cupcakes.

“We talked a lot about what flavors blend well with each other, how balance out the spiciness of cayenne pepper or the sour lime juice and so we came up with some pretty creative combinations,” said Heather Sinkler, a Davies High School FACS teacher.

She said this is a great way to get the students competitive and test their knowledge of what they learned in class.

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