Farm Rescue Helps Local Farmer in Time of Need

The Horace-based non-profit helped the Baumgarten family get their growing season started

DAVENPORT, ND — A West Fargo man gets a helping hand on his Davenport Farm.  Farm Rescue jumps in after Bob Baumgarten had a heart attack.

The growing season comes at the same time every year, but hard times hit often when it’s least expected.

“Dad had a heart attack on the 23rd, and shortly thereafter we realized he wouldn’t be getting out soon of the hospital,” said Jeremy Baumgarten, son of Bob Baumgarten.

When Jeremy’s father suffered a heart attack just days before the growing season was about to start, his family was put into a time of crisis, so they reached out to a Horace–based non–profit organization for help.

“Farm Rescue is a non–profit organization that I founded, which helps the farm and ranch families who have experienced a major injury, illness or natural disaster,” said Bill Gross, Founder and President of Farm Rescue.

For Farm Rescue, helping families is its own reward.

“It’s a very rewarding experience for myself and our entire organization…the sponsors also and the volunteers that come from all over the nation,” said Gross.

It’s the hundreds of volunteers inside Farm Rescue that helped the Baumgarten family.

“I was a little shocked it happened that fast, but very grateful, this has worked out really, really well,” said Baumgarten.  “It means a lot to us to take some of the pressure off our plate of getting his crop in and working through that and still being able to have time to go to the hospital and visit with him.”

One more field planted and another family helped in a time of need.

Farm Rescue expects to help over 60 farmers throughout the entire growing season across six different states.

For information on how you can donate to Farm Rescue or ask for their help, click here.

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