Hundreds of Concordia College Students Graduate

Over 500 students graduate in spring commencement

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Hundreds pack into Concordia’s Memorial Auditorium to join graduates for their spring commencement.

As students enter commencement with smiles and laughter, it’s safe to say there’s one word to describe how they are feeling.

“Excited. Like, it’s super bittersweet,” said student body president at Concordia, Rachael Schauper.

“I’m excited. I’m excited,” said graduate Shawn Neison.

“I’m very excited. Really excited,” said graduate Clever Mukori.

It’s a day that makes all the years of hard work worth it.

After balancing long nights of studying and meeting new friends, some of these students say it was a challenge they’re grateful to have overcome.

“I think a lot of Cobbers balance school stuff, curricular and social lives really well,” said Schauper.

“I’m so proud to be here and I’m happy to be with my fellow Cobbers and all the staff and faculty here that helped me through. It’s an amazing feeling,” said graduate Madison Hovland.

With all kinds of majors and minors, students also say they’re ready for the endless possibilities for success.

“I’ll be working in Battle Lake, Minnesota at a school down there teaching k-12 vocal music,” said Neison.

“I’ve just taken recently my MCATs about a week ago and currently, I’m doing a research internship for a non-profit research institute in Florida,” said Mukori.

“I’m staying in Fargo I’m an assistant program director at the non-profit Dakota Foundation,” said Schauper.

Some students even had family members fly in from all over, even outside of the country.

“We are from Brazil. This is the first time we are in Fargo,” said Valerie Seeg.

“I’m an international student so my family came all the way from Africa, my uncle from England, they’re all super excited and very happy about my success,” said Mukori.

With a diploma in hand, these graduates say they’ll never forget their one of a kind experience that Concordia has given them.

“I learned so much from everybody so I’m very thankful for my education,” said Hovland.

“I feel really blessed to be with these people here,” said Schauper.

“American dream right here,” said Mukori.

532 students graduated at this year’s spring commencement.

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