Drekker Brewing Company Expands Due to Customer Demand

On the 24th, you'll start to see them on the shelves of local liquor stores

FARGO, ND — You can soon buy your favorite local beer at the store!

Starting Monday, Drekker Brewing Company will begin selling four packs of 16 ounce cans you can take home from their north Fargo location.

On the 24th, you’ll start to see them on the shelves of local liquor stores.

The brewery added two fermenting tanks to make beer faster.

The staff says the addition comes after demand for the local brew has continued to grow in the metro.

“People are excited for local beer,” said Jesse Feigum with Drekker. “It’s made right here in downtown Fargo. The labels on the can are all done by a local artist, Punch Gut, so we’re all excited about those too. They look really cool.”

The Irish Red Ale is expected to sell quickly, as it’s one of the most popular beers at the brewery.

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