NDSU Gives Back During Move Out Week

One student's trash may be another student's treasure during move out week

FARGO, ND — While finals may be coming to an end, another stress begins.

It’s move out week.

“We should probably put the guitar first,” one NDSU student said as they packed up.

The semester may be over for some students, but now they tackle a new test.

Fitting everything into a car.

“I had to get rid of my mirror,” said sophomore Melaree Sondrol. “I had to throw that away because I can’t fit that in here.”

Some students don’t have too far to go.

“Hastings, Minnesota,”said Killean Konrady, whose parents came to help.

“Turtle Lake, North Dakota,” said Melaree.

Others have a long drive ahead.

“I’m heading back home to Georgia,” said freshman Katelynne Daws.

These students shared with me that not everything makes it home.

The Director of Residence life says throughout the years, he’s seen it all.

“It was amazing to see what people thought was disposable and what they would put in our dumpsters,” said Rian Nostrum. “We would bring in construction roll off dumpsters just to be able to handle the larger load.”

Three years ago, NDSU brought an option to the dorms that allow students to give back while packing up.

“We’ve tried to be more intentional in some of the things that we do,” explained Nostrum. “Try to encourage donating versus disposing.”

There are two donation trucks on campus where you can drop off your items for a good cause.

“We’ll obviously go through it and if there are things that really shouldn’t have been in there, that really should have been disposed, we’ll take care of that before we drop it,” said Nostrum.

You may even be helping out a fellow student.

Nostrum said he sees people who dorm all year round take advantage of the items left behind.

“I’ve seen some of them go take a look and see that there is something that they need that they will grab which is great,” he said. “As long as it’s going to somebody that’s going to use it, we don’t care how it gets to them.”

Nostrum said his best advice is to remember you’ll most likely be going home with much more than you came with.

Proving yet again…one student’s trash…is another student’s treasure.

The dorms also collect non–perishable food items and donate them to local food pantries.

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