Need a Job? Prairie Roots Co-op Needs You

They're looking for cashiers, clerks, cooks and other general positions

FARGO, ND — An upcoming local co-op is looking to hire up to 25 new employees.

Officials with Prairie Roots Co-op interviewed prospective employees at their job fair in the downtown Fargo library.

They’re looking for cashiers, clerks, cooks and other general positions.

The co-op also has one open manager position.

The general manager says they’re hoping to have about 30 part-time and full-time employees.

The shop is expected to open by the end of June.

“People who enjoy talking about food, people who enjoy a fast paced environment, people who appreciate local foods and just really anyone with a passion for a local business,” said General Manager Kurt Kopperud.

Anyone who missed the fair can apply online.

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