It’s a Great Day to be a Dragon: MSUM Celebrates Graduation

MSUM held their 2017 Spring Commencement Ceremony

MOORHEAD, Minn. — MSUM students had grins cheek to cheek as they got ready for the one of the biggest days of their college careers.

“I’m nervous! I’m really nervous but I’m excited,” said graduate Sara Bogardus.

“Honestly it’s a little bittersweet feeling,” said graduate Jordan Cresap.

“Well, I don’t think it really hit me until last night when I was getting ready,” said graduate Ashley Higgins.

It’s a day that makes all the long years of hard work and studying worthwhile in the end.

It’s not just the students who are feeling enthusiastic.

“I’m feeling great,” said President Anne Blackhurst. “Today is the best day of the year. We actually get to celebrate two commencement ceremonies so it’s doubly exciting.”

While it’s been a journey for some of these graduates, they say it was one they’ll always remember.

“MSUM has been wonderful,” said Bogardus. “I’ve met so many wonderful people and wonderful professors. I’ve gained a great education here.”

“Unbelievable. I have no regrets,” said Cresap. “Made some great friends. Great professors. Learned so much from all the staff here and each other.”

Students even shared what they plan on doing after graduation.

“It’s been six years now so I’m very excited to get this done and go and be a teacher,” said Bogardus.

“Hopefully find a job,” laughed Cresap. “I’ve got interviews lined up. Hopefully I’ll become a teacher here soon.”

“I’m going to school for four years after this so it doesn’t feel like that big of a deal,” said Higgins.

Higgins was a part of the swimming team during her four years at MSUM and said it was a challenge to tackle both athletics and education.

“It was pretty hard at times,”¬†she admitted.

Yet, she says she’s grateful to have been able to succeed and push through to the end.

“Definitely worthwhile. That was the best thing in my life,” said Higgins.

MSUM dragons prove that receiving their diploma is more than just getting a piece of paper.

“Congrats grads of 2017!” said Bogardus.

“Congrats everybody!” said Higgins.

MSUM awarded degrees to 875 students during its spring commencement.

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