National Police Week: Officer Jason Moszer’s Name Honored in Washington, D.C.

This is where you will now find a forever dedication to Fargo's fallen officer, Jason Moszer

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fallen officers from across the country, including Fargo Police Office Jason Moszer, are being honored during 2017 National Police Week activities in our nation’s capital.

We come to you tonight from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, just a few blocks from the Capitol building, where you’ll find the names of thousands of fallen officers, including Jason Moszer.

It’s the reason his family, coworkers and fellow officers are here…to respect, honor and remember.

“We are here because these men and women gave everything, gave their very lives for us,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Each of these officers was more than just a name etched in a stone or on a memorial. They were persons who meant the whole world to someone. A parent, a sibling, a spouse or a child.”

The names of 394 officers were read aloud and one at a time to honor their service.

Their sacrifice.

A candelight vigil on the National Mall honoring fallen officers with candles as far as the eye can see.

Fargo Officer Jason Moszer’s family was front and center.

“It was very moving,” said Jason’s father, Dave Moszer. “It was an honor to be there for Jason. It was just a great experience. Glad we went. ”

National Police Week in Washington, D.C. is jam packed with events honoring our nation’s fallen law enforcement.

From the annual law ride and parades to a seemingly impromptu parade of classic squad cars…to plaque presentations and a run through the National Law Enforcement Memorial,  this is where you will now find a forever dedication to Fargo’s fallen officer, Jason Moszer.

His name has been etched in stone along with thousands of other names of officers killed on the job, in accidents or in the line of duty.

“It’s incredible,” said Angie Christensen, a friend of the Moszer family. “I don’t even know if I have the words for it really. It’s amazing that they have this here, but it’s also so sad that we have to have it here.”

The Christensen’s stopped to honor a man they knew as a friend and co-worker.

“Jason was a fun guy to work with,” said Fargo Officer Matt Christensen. “I think he’s known probably for his sarcasm and his dry sense of humor, which everybody liked. He just came to work, did his job and went home never complained about anything. Just loved being a police officer, basically.”

The roughly four dozen officers from the metro, including the Fargo Police Department, local sheriff’s office and other agencies, are also getting a little special treatment in the nation’s capitol.

A tour of the Capitol building, complete with some private insight from a friend of a Fargo officer.

They were even allowed on the House floor, but there’s no cameras or press allowed, so we can’t show that to you.

While the officers toured the Capitol, the Moszer family got a private tour of The White House to Dave’s delight.

“I was impressed,” said Dave. “I’m not easily impressed by a lot of stuff but I was impressed by the White House. The woodwork and the architectural part of it impressed me. A lot of nice furniture in there.”

Just a few nice added events to help families take their minds off of those they lost for just a second or two.

But that’s all.

Thanks to this week and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and events in town across the country, these officers might be gone, but never forgotten.

“We respect the officer’s memories,” said Homeland Secretary John Kelly. “We honor their sacrifices and we remember how fortunate we are that there are men and women like this who stand between us and danger. God bless our law enforcement officers and God bless our country, the United State of America.”

Now our local officers had the day to play tourist here in D.C.

Some took in the Washington Nationals game for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Others headed to what they call “Tent City”, with 80 vendors aimed at supporting officers, dispatchers and more.

Tomorrow morning is the National Police Week Memorial Service and President Trump and Vice President Pence are both expected to speak.

We’ll bring you live reports again tomorrow at 6 and 9.

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