Fargo Marathon: Youth Run Not About Breaking Records

Kids get a chance to run like the marathoners in the 13th annual Youth Run

FARGO, N.D. — Thousands of kids tied up the running shoe laces for the 13th annual Fargo Marathon Youth Run.

The world record for running a half mile is roughly one minute and 41 seconds.

“I’m so excited,” exclaimed Kelsey Pfeifer, a young half mile marathon runner.

But the Youth Run is not about breaking records.

“I like that you can run and use all your energy and just have fun,” said Maleah Pfeifer. “Then at the end, you can go to the Fargodome and get all this free stuff.”

Maleah is one of three daughters in a family of runners.

“I really want to encourage them to be healthy,” said LaShai Pfeifer, their mother.

LaShai said her kids are what inspired her to start running marathons.

“I was part of a twin moms club and as part of that, we decided to sign up for a relay,” said LaShai. “I’d never ran before and it kind of freaked me out and gave me something to do. I really enjoyed it.”

She said her kids got started with the youth run when they were just two years old.

The seasoned runners have this advice for anyone getting ready.

“I usually drink a lot of water and I usually change into the marathon shirt,” said Taylor Pfeifer.

“Know that there’s going to be people faster than you and that there’s going to be a lot of people slower than you,” said LaShai.

After crossing the finish arch, young marathoners were given awards, water and a congratulatory celebration.

“It’s great because it’s such a great atmosphere, try to get them introduced to the whole running thing early,” said Steve Strittmatter of Hawley. “The whole energy of the event is great.”

The starting gun for the full Fargo Marathon fires off at 7:00a.m. Saturday.

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