Thousands of Runners Hit the Streets for the Fargo Marathon

20,000 runners participated in the 13th Annual Fargo Marathon

FARGO, N.D. — It’s the race of the year in Fargo which brings in thousands of runners from across the country.

Headphones in, shirt sleeves rolled up and runners were in their zone as they took off for the 13th annual Fargo Marathon.

Runners had to wake up at the crack of dawn, but they still gathered the energy and enthusiasm to finish the race.

“The weather is perfect for a run. It’s better when I start walking if I don’t get too cold,” said Tim Peil.

With at least 20,000 runners from all 50 states, many proved they’ll go the distance to complete a challenge.

“I flew in last night and I’m flying out right after the race so I’ll be here in under 24 hours,” said Runner from Chicago, Anne Rowley.

Many put in long hours of training.

“Just a lot of long runs and hilly runs,” said Kathy Peil.

“We do one or two marathons a month so it’s pretty much we keep doing what we’re doing,” said Al Navidi.

And even after all of the preparation and hard work, runners say there’s still obstacles to overcome throughout the race.

“The hardest part is out of all of the miles is the last six darn miles. If you could run the last six miles first that would be excellent. That’s the toughest part,” said Navidi.

“Finishing! It’s always getting to the end. You’re always thinking about the end. I myself I love apples. So that’s what inspires me. Of course and my son,” said Kyle Gagner.

Kyle Gagner’s son Levi was diagnosed with a rare muscular disorder called LCMD.

It not only affects the muscles, but the heart and lungs as well.

Their family relies on their faith and hope to help their son.

At the marathon, they’re running for Levi, but also to encourage other runners to make it to the finish line.

“So we just wanted to encourage everybody that’s running to say ‘Hey you can do it. You’re almost there!’ Especially in that last mile when people are just dogging and they’re like I’m so tired I want to stop. We say you can do it and finish strong,” said Gagner.

Whether you’re first or last, the Fargo Marathon was nothing short of fun with family and friends.

“Just excited to finish and have a few cocktails,” said Luke Chirhart.

At least 45 local businesses helped sponsor the Fargo Marathon this year.

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