Volunteers Start Building a Home for an Injured Veteran in Moorhead

Volunteers for Homes for our Troops helped build a house for one veteran in need

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Volunteers in Moorhead are finding a way to give back to people who put their lives at risk.

They began building a home for one man who came back a different person.

Sacrificing a Saturday morning came easy for one group of volunteers.

Especially when it’s for a man who was willing to sacrifice it all.

“The community gets very involved and they want to come out and have a hands on and this gives them the opportunity to come out and physically help with a build project,” said Mary Espinoza, community outreach coordinator with Home for our Troops.

Espinoza spent 13 years working for Homes For Our Troops.

They build custom houses for our nations veterans post 9/11.

“They have given up so much, their lives have drastically changed for their service and I think it’s the least we can do,” said¬†Espinoza.

Eric Marts is a retired U.S Army sergeant.

After serving in the Iraq war, giving back is a feeling this veteran knows all too well.

“I’m a little surprised I’m on the receiving end because that’s not how things are normally supposed to work,” said Master Sergeant with US Army Reserve, Eric Marts. “I’m supposed to be helping some other veteran or their family or the community you know.”

Two explosions took his vision.

“Here I couldn’t even see and I still wanted to stay in the army so I was trying to figure out is there a place for a blind infantry man,” said Marts.

He decided to not let his blindness dictate how he imagines the rest of his life.

“When I retired I created and host a radio show dealing with the military, helping veterans and their families and I found a new way to serve my country that way,” said Marts.

From his radio show to his new home, Eric said he’s grateful to still be able to continue his adventure.

“I want to pinch myself thinking it’s a dream sometimes,” said Marts.

“For a community to come together and support my husband and me and my family is just humbling,” said Eric Marts Wife, Bobbie Marts. “It’s beyond words it’s just humbling.”

The foundations of the house are built strong like the ones in our community and our country.

“There’s no place I’d rather live than right here,” said Marts. “This is my home.”

The house will officially be ready for move in at the key ceremony.

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