Puzzle FM Raising Money to Help Owen Anderson Run a Marathon

A local business holds "A Day for Owen" to help his fundraiser

FARGO, ND — A local puzzle room business is helping a young disabled boy run the Fargo Marathon next year. The “Day for Owen” at Puzzled FM was dedicated to Owen Anderson, a child who lives with blindness, autism and Crohn’s disease. Family members told us all money spent at the business on this day will help the Anderson’s buy…

Volunteers Start Building a Home for an Injured Veteran in Moorhead

Volunteers for Homes for our Troops helped build a house for one veteran in need

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Volunteers in Moorhead are finding a way to give back to people who put their lives at risk. They began building a home for one man who came back a different person. Sacrificing a Saturday morning came easy for one group of volunteers. Especially when it’s for a man who was willing to sacrifice it all. “The…

From Blood Recipient to Blood Donor: The Vincent Ulstad Story

A life changing accident kept this avid blood donor from giving back for seven years

FARGO, N.D. — Donating blood was a regular part of his life. But after a major car accident, blood donations were needed to save him. The accident left Vincent Ulstad blind, forcing him to make several adjustments. But almost eight years later, he can make donating blood a regular part of his life again. “I have absolutely no memory of…