F-M Diversion Project Asking For Public’s Input

There are concerns that the FM diversion project will move faster than money is collected to fund it

FARGO, ND– The Cass County Joint Water Resource District is asking the public for its input about funding the diversion.

People previously voted to use sales tax to fund the diversion project.

However, there are concerns that the pace of the project will move faster than money is collected.

Homeowners who the flood wall would benefit the most are asked to help discuss the process of  financing the project.

By law, the district is required to hold a public meeting asking for comments and concerns from homeowners.

“We’re going to also take written comments, over the next ten days, and then over the two months or so , after that we will be discussing whether slight changes should be made and how the benefits are assessed,” said Mark Brodshaug, the chairman of the district project.

The total cost of the project is $2.2 billion.

To contact the district, click here.

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