West Fargo Police Chief Search: Lt. Troy Hischer

Lieutenant Troy Hischer has worked in North Dakota law enforcement for nearly 23 years and says he is ready to work with West Fargo's finest

FARGO, ND — The city of West Fargo has narrowed their search for a new police chief down to two candidates.

We learned more about FBI Agent Heith Janke on Wednesday and we continue our candidate profiles.

Today, we met with candidate Lt. Troy Hischer and learned more on why he says he is perfect for the job.

After four months without a police chief, West Fargo is ready to fill the spot.

“They have good strong backgrounds, good strong values, both strong candidates”, said Tina Frisk, the city’s administrator.

Former Chief, Mike Reitan, was terminated after complaints from staff indicated he created a hostile work environment.

Lieutenant Troy Hischer has worked in North Dakota law enforcement for nearly 23 years and said he is ready to work with West Fargo’s finest.

“Start to move forward. Start the healing process,” Hischer said. “If there’s any damage that’s been done or whatever has gone on in the past, that’s the past. Let’s move forward.”

Hischer talked with city officials, community leaders and officers to answer any questions and express his goals for the future if given the position.

“I’m a community guy. I’m on the public lot. I’m an approachable guy,” he said. “I think that’s probably what this community needs and the police department needs. Somebody that is out there, that’s approachable and is in a partnership with every citizen in West Fargo.”

He has lived in West Fargo for more than 15 years and now he is looking to work for his community.

Filling this position will provide a stable role of leadership for the officers and the people of West Fargo.

“This position provides a feeling of safety and trust,” added Fisk.

“I’m a stakeholder in this community and I want to be a part of the growth in this community,” explained Hischer.

Fisk said the committee wants to make sure they pick the right leader for the job and not rush into any decisions.

“This could be good for me, you know a good spot,” said Hischer. “A place to be a part of the growth of West Fargo.”

Fisk said she will now gather feedback to form her recommendation to present to the City Commission.

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