New Police Chief Finalists Awaiting A Decision

It is now a waiting game for the finalists for West Fargo Police Chief

WEST FARGO, ND — The candidates for West Fargo Police Chief met with city officials on a more personal basis and are now waiting on a decision.

It is now a waiting game for the finalists for West Fargo Police Chief.

Each candidate had the opportunity to meet with city officials, interview panelists and officers in the department.

“We thought it would be a good idea to really get to know the candidates in more of an informal setting,” said Jenna Wilm, Human Resources Administrator.

It is now time for the interview panel to give their recommendation to the City Commission after weighing the pros and cons of each candidate.

“I think the biggest thing I see if there are two different types of leadership styles,” said City Commissioner Mark Wentz.

The committee said the candidates are qualified for the position but come from different backgrounds.

“We certainly have two very contrasting candidates,” said Mike Mitchell, City of Fargo Training and Development Coordinator.

FBI Agent Heith Janke has experience leading large task forces and says he is family oriented.

North Dakota Highway Patrol Lieutenant Troy Hischer has previous personal patrol experience and has been a member of the West Fargo community for more than 15 years.

The West Fargo Interview Panel shared their opinions, but now, it is up to Tina Fisk to give her recommendation to the commission.

The panel is hoping the commission will provide a decision by early July.

“It shouldn’t take long to get the final information and draft a recommendation,” said City Administrator Tina Fisk.

She said the city needs an individual who will build a strong working relationship and foundation with the police department.

“Someone who can bring that department back together and truly lead them,” Jenna added. “Be a good leader and mentor for them.”

Regardless of the outcome, the panel is confident they will have a positive new leader in town.

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