F-M Ambulance Honoring Everyday Heroes at RedHawks’ Super Hero Night

But it's not just people in uniform rescuing those in trouble

FARGO, ND — First responders fight to save lives every day.

But it’s not just people in uniform rescuing those in trouble.

KVRR’s Shiina LoSciuto talked with Don Martin, Operations Manager with F-M Ambulance, tells us how local heroes are getting recognized.

SHIINA LOSCIUTO: It’s actually Super Hero Night here at Newman Outdoor Field. We’re expecting to see some Batmans and Supermans here and I probably should have worn my cape before I headed over here, tonight! But, while dressing up is fun, we’re here to recognize those people who are willing to lend a hand when they see someone in need. I’m joined with Don Martin of F-M Ambulance. Now Don, I understand some everyday people are being recognized tonight.

DON MARTIN: It’s a little bit of mixture. We do have some regular, average joes that are out there that went above and beyond to save somebody’s life. We’re also honoring two Fargo firefighters that were off duty and did their job, even though they weren’t on duty.

SL: We’ll have more on them on KVRR Local News at 9. I know the citizens that helped gave CPR.  Is this something you recommend people learn?

DM: You don’t have to be certified, you just have to have an awareness so that you know what can happen. You never know when a loved one, a friend or just a stranger may need that help.

SL: Are there classes available in the metro?

DM: There’s courses always available at F-M Ambulance or also the Red Cross.

At 9, we’ll hear from the people getting the awards.

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