Fergus Falls’ New Monarch Butterfly Mural

To Continue On Their Town's Monarch Pledge, Fergus Falls Created A Mural to Promote Saving the Monarchs

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — Fergus Falls is trying to bring beauty to their town, while saving an important insect at the same time.

People can enjoy a metamorphosis mural of a monarch butterfly crafted by Fergus Falls’ native artist, Sam Busko.

The mural can be found behind City Hall, along the River Walk to raise awareness of the importance of the monarch butterfly in their community.

There has been a decrease in the butterflies in the area due to the removal of milkweed.

“Some plants that are on our noxious weed list right now,” said Len Taylor, the Public Works Director in Fergus Falls. “We’re looking at now allowing those so that the population can start to see a turn around and increase instead of decrease.”

The mural is an extension of the town’s Monarch Pledge, which facilitates and promotes areas for monarchs to survive.

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