Superheroes Large and Small Help CCRI Break Down Barriers

A super power you don't often think of is at the heart of these runners

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Superheroes are known for battling villains and breaking down barriers.

For one Moorhead organization, the bad guy worth fighting is the idea that those with disabilities can’t live a full life.

Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes

“I think the youngest person we support right now is 18-months-old and our oldest is 86,” said CCRI’s Executive Director, Shannon Bock.

“Thinking happy thoughts and walking fast,” said Rebecca, who was in the 5K.

“Excited,” exclaimed Abbi, who was also in the 5K.

For Creative Care For Reaching Independence, the sky is the limit.

“Everybody wants to be a superhero so they can find their own inner hero as a part of this process,” said Bock.

The annual superhero and sidekick run battles the idea that people with disabilities can’t live a full life.

Of course, every hero takes each challenge stronger with a sidekick.

“Can Sarah come in here with me? Come on toots,” Rebecca asked during our interview.

Or, when they’re fighting for someone else.

“I’m running for Ariella. She’s ten years old,” said Brian, who is running with and for his daughter.

The run is more than just having fun and dressing up.

The event raises money for CCRI and helps encourage the warriors it supports every day.

“All of the dollars raised go back to help support the extras we provide,” Bock explained.

While capes and super powers are what you might first think of when you hear “superhero…”

“Ranita, she’s one of my best friends over there,” Rebecca said.

…for this group, it’s being there for those who would do the same for them.

“Being faithful to friends and being nice,” Rebecca said.

“How does it feel to be the first finisher of the night?” KVRR asked Brian.

“Actually I was the second,” he said, then pointed to his daughter. “She was the first.”

This was the 12th year CCRI put on the race.

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