Pros and Cons: Snap Maps Snapchat Feature Let’s Your “Friends” Know Where You Are

'Snap Maps' now shows your geographic location to all users on the app

FARGO, ND — First there was Twitter, Instagram and then came along Snapchat.

It’s a way to share short videos and snapshots of your daily life with social media friends.

But a new feature of Snapchat is raising some concerns among law enforcement and parents, allowing all of those “friends” to see where you are at all times.

More than 150 million people are using Snapchat and on average, open the app 18 times a day.

It’s a way to have entire conversations with friends in only seconds.

“We just really would like for people to be aware,” Moorhead Police Lt. Tory Jacobson said.

But the latest feature, Snap Maps has led law enforcement warning people about the potential danger lurking behind your phone.

“It doesn’t mean that many people are trying to find where you are and they’re going to target your house, but it’s just something to be aware of that you’re broadcasting where you are in real time,” said Lt. Jacobson.

Your location on the map is activated once you open your Snapchat.

You can view locations of sporting events, celebrations, breaking news and more from all over the world.

“I don’t know how I like it,” said Snapchat user Dakota Rorie. “I use Snapchat all the time with just my boyfriend and I haven’t even checked it but I’ve seen my friends post about it.”

“I think it could be a little dangerous because it gives such a specific location,” said user Brianna Mount. “But, it’s also pretty cool to see where your friends are.”

But what happens when your “friends”…aren’t really your friends?

“We know that some people approve everybody as their friend,” said Lt. Jacobson.

“See who they are. If they’re creepy, I delete them,” said Mount.

And in a day and age where you add not only your friends, but your coworkers to your Snaps, how are you supposed play hookey?

That’s easy.

If you want to stay hidden, enable “Ghost Mode”.

You can see everyone else, but they can’t see you.

Despite all of the dangerous aspects of it, some parents see it as a positive.

“Don’t like them knowing where she’s at, but for me, I’d love to know where she’s at, from a parent’s side,” said dad, John Rorie. “I think it could be used great.”

So before you Snap, make sure to investigate the app.

After all, Snap Maps is just another way of tracking information on you.

Another reminder is Snaps you submit to the feature ‘Our Story’ on the app can still show up on the map, no matter what location setting you choose.

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