Senator Franken Says GOP Health Care Bill is a Really a Tax Cut

It comes after delaying a vote on the initial draft

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republican senators are taking time to draft a new version of its health care bill that all members of their party can agree on.

It comes after delaying a vote on the initial draft.

Senate Democrats, including Minnesota Senator Franken, want the bill’s negotiations to be done in open committees.

Franken sees the bill as something more than addressing issues with the Affordable Care Act.

“Republicans tend to have the view that tax cuts for the people at the top tend to trickle down, or some theory like that,” he said. “So I guess they wanted to make this a big tax cut.
It really wasn’t a health care bill, it was a tax cut.”

Republicans’ efforts to pass a healthcare bill with Democrat input will be difficult.

The GOP can only afford to lose the support of two members to get the needed 50 votes.

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