Lost in Fargo is Making Moves Outside of Downtown

Lost in Fargo is closing its retail shop downtown and will continue to do pop up shops instead

FARGO, ND — ‘Lost in Fargo’ is saying goodbye to one location and hello to some brand new ones.

Lost in Fargo is a clothing brand that started in 2015, focused on exploring Fargo and seeing the hidden side of things.

After opening a retail shop in downtown Fargo six months ago, the clothing store is celebrating its last day.

However, the business will continue to flourish in pop-up shops all throughout the town.

Owners say they realized they’re more successful when they’re mobile.

“It was a good try but I think we learned a lot really about where our focus should be what our mission is,” said Nels Hunstad. “I think that moving out will just help us be more active in the community and be more a part of that.”

Lost in Fargo will be at the Red River Market, located in downtown Fargo July and August from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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