How to Beat the Heat in the Red River Valley

A local doctor gave us advice on how to get through the summer heat

FARGO, ND — With temperatures getting in the 90’s, we asked a local doctor how to beat the heat.

Dr. Ann Safo from Sanford Family Medicine recommends drinking a pint of water every hour and wearing loose clothing.

Do not leave children or animals inside a car even if the window is cracked.

While things like Gatorade will help hydration, she recommends avoiding drinks with lots of caffeine and sugar.

She said heat stroke is common, and wants everyone to know the signs.

“The things you want to watch out for are people acting strangely or all of a sudden stopping sweating,” said Dr. Safo. “That’s a sign of serious illness.¬†Or if your temperature gets really high and your feeling feverish, those are all indications that you need to seek medical attention.”

Our meteorologists with the KVRR Weather Authority said the hottest day of the year in Fargo, so far, was June 2nd, which hit 96 degrees.

They said the hottest times of day are usually between noon and 6p.m.

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