Shelters Dealing with More Animal Runaways During Fireworks Season

Shelters see an increase in animal runaways caused by loud fireworks

WEST FARGO, ND — Barbecuing and booming fireworks are usually the first things on everyone’s mind on July 4th, but our furry friends at home may not share the excitement.

The sound of fireworks can strike fear in our dogs and cats.

Veterinarians at the West Fargo Animal Hospital said even the most social of pets may struggle during the holiday.

This anxiety often results in them running away.

Animal shelters and hospitals see an increase in the number of reported pets missing at this time of year.

“I know we’ve had probably at least five phone calls today from different people that have had their pet missing,” said Veterinarian Technician Cassandra Fischer. “We had two dogs that were in the pound that were missing, so we definitely see an influx of it.”

Fischer said it’s important to update your dog’s collar or look into micro-chipping your pet so there’s always an ID to check if they decide to wander off.

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