Fourth of July Fireworks Cause Several Fires in the Metro

Seven fires in West Fargo, two in Fargo and one severe injury all took place this July 4th
FARGO, ND — Several fires took place in the metro following the 4th of July celebrations, all in connection to fireworks.
Fireworks are all fun and games until someone or something gets hurt.
Seven fires in West Fargo, two in Fargo and one severe injury all took place this July 4th, and they have one thing in common.
“Probably five of our instances yesterday was the disposal of them,” said Kendel Frost, the West Fargo Fire Inspector. “People are putting them in the garbage can, they’re piling stuff on top and then they just continue to smolder inside the package a little bit and they start burning again.”
Frost says the biggest misconception when it comes to fireworks is that once they’ve been used, they are safe.
“People think they’ve all discharged and they don’t,” he said. “They haven’t discharged. Stay away from that one when you know its completely been discharged or at least expelled the firework itself. That’s the biggest thing.”
One West Fargo homeowner learned this the hard way.
“With the storm coming, I thought, well the storm might blow them all over the place and most of it had been sitting there for some time so I thought that we’ll just throw them in the container really quick and came out and saw a bunch of flames,” explained homeowner Keith Nelson.
The West Fargo Fire Department says before you dispose of your fireworks douse it in water.
“People need to dispose of them properly,” said Frost. “We recommend the use a bucket, you know put them all into a bucket when you’re all done then fill it with water and leave them outside the house.”
It’s also important to remember to call the fire department even if you think the fire is out. Firefighters can use infrared technology to detect hot spots that may otherwise go unnoticed.
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