Plenty to See and Do at the Downtown Fargo Street Fair 2017

Hundreds of vendors from all over the country have set up shop along Broadway for the next three days

FARGO, ND — It’s the 42nd Annual Downtown Fargo Street Fair.

Hundreds of vendors from all over the country have set up shop along Broadway for the next three days.

KVRR Anchor Alison Voorhees spent the early evening downtown and gives us a preview of the event.

ALISON VOORHEES: It is flooding with people down here, you can definitely tell it’s time to eat because tons of people are coming out right behind me on Broadway. Right now, we are joined here by the events coordinator, Nicolette Berge. Nicolette, can you tell us a little bit of what you guys have going on here this evening?

NICOLETTE BERGE: We have the 42nd downtown Fargo Street Fair happening right now. It starts at Main Avenue on the south tracks and goes all the way to 7th Avenue this year. Lots of artists, lots of crafters, lots of food vendors, lots of fun things.

AV: Well, I was talking to you earlier too. It’s actually a little different I’ve noticed with this setup this year. Why is that?

NB: We were anticipating construction in the U.S. Bank parking lot, which we’re excited to happen, just because the result will be beautiful for downtown Fargo. The only change really is that the food court runs on Broadway this year, instead of west on 2nd Avenue.

AV: What I’ve notice too, is it actually almost seems like a better setup too, because you have more people. More people can congregate. For the people that are interested in coming out, what are some of the unique things that they can find at the Street Fair?

NB: There’s such a wide variety. We really try and have a wide array of different artists and crafters that come to the Street Fair. When we select who comes, we have photography, there’s jewelry, we have balloons for kids, face painting, caricatures, woodworking…lots of fun stuff.

AV: Thank you so much for joining me, Nicollette, have a nice evening.

The Downtown Fargo Street Fair runs until Saturday at 5:00 p.m.

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