Moorhead Center Mall Holding Indoor Street Fair Deals This Weekend

The fair's vendors are selling clothes, antiques and other items

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Moorhead Center Mall is offering a safe haven from the heat this weekend.

You can escape the humidity just a few blocks away from the Downtown Street Fair at the Moorhead Center Mall’s Indoor Street Fair.

The fair’s vendors are selling clothes, antiques and other items.

There is no sales tax on any clothing or shoes on this side of the river.

LinkFM will transport people between the two fairs.

“I think we’ve always had some traffic from the street fair regardless of the weather,” said store owner Corinne Stefanson. “If it’s raining, they come over earlier. If it’s hot, they can catch a bus over here. We provide service to the street fair so it’s very easy for them to walk in and enjoy the shops at the end or the beginning of the day.”

Buses run every five minutes and are free of charge.

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