New NDSU Student and Retail Complex Breaks Ground

Just a few months ago, PROffutt Limited Partnership was selected to develop a new student housing and retail complex on the 1600 block just off University Drive

FARGO, ND — The NDSU campus has been evolving over the last few years.

New shops have opened and neighborhoods are transforming.

A new student housing and retail complex will soon be thrown into that mix.

Just a few months ago, PROffutt Limited Partnership was selected to develop a new student housing and retail complex on the 1600 block just off University Drive.

BC contracting is ready to start building.

They held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the upcoming structure.

“We made the commitment to provide the most innovative, thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing project to the neighborhood,” said Vice President of BC Contracting, Casey Jackson. “It was our goal to create a student oriented project that not only complemented the architecture of NDSU and the neighborhood, but also preserved the sense of community in the Washington neighborhood.”

The four–story student housing complex will reflect changes that universities have made in their student housing options nationwide.

“Across the country, there’s been a change,” explained Scott Neal, who is the president of PROffutt Limited Partnership. “A drastic change in the types of units and the way students live. For instance, some of the things we’re bringing in. Two and four bedroom units only that have single kitchen and single living room but each student has a lockable bathroom and bedroom to themselves.”

Although it doesn’t look like much now, by the fall of 2018, this is going to be a hot spot for NDSU students.

The building will have 108 units with 364 beds and 5,000 square feet of retail shops on the north end of the project.

“We believe this could be something such as a coffee shop, a restaurant or other uses that market may amend,” said Jackson.

The space is meant to capture both the essence of the school and the neighborhood.

“The complimentary urban design, the student oriented program will create a dynamic living and learning environment that will undoubtedly transform the 1600 block,” said Jackson.

Just a few months ago, neighbors around the area spoke to us about change in the neighborhood.

They said what used to be a neighborhood with single family homes, is now over saturated with college properties.

The partnership held a welcome dinner for neighbors in the area and addressed many of their concerns.

“Quite a few of the neighbors showed up and I think we addressed most of all the questions that came,” said Neal. “I think, for the most part, people are pleased by the progress. We try to mitigate the noise and sound and most are appreciative of that,” explained Scott.

Now that the ground has been broken, the planning board is ready to start building.

“We’ll we’re excited to get underway,” Scott said. “It was a long process to get here, the timing is awesome and the weather’s been great. So I think I’m excited to deliver a product by fall of.”

For more information on rent and the retail spaces visit their website.

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