Uber Adds In-App Tipping Service

Tipping is the first of many changes in the "180 Days' of Change" Initiative to fix the driving experience

FARGO, ND — Riders can officially tip their Uber drivers.

The ride sharing company launched its in-app tipping service nationwide.

This is the first of many changes in Uber’s 180 Days of Change initiative to improve its experience for drivers after years of misconception.

“I don’t know if it’s more people misunderstood or Uber misleading people thinking they weren’t supposed to tip or didn’t have to tip, one or the other,” said Uber Driver Tony Christensen. “And so, a lot of people thought the rate included the tip so they wouldn’t tip on purpose.”

This in-app service allows passengers to choose from preset tip options, enter a custom amount, or opt out of a tip entirely.

But some passengers aren’t so sure that extra cash is totally necessary.

“I have friends’ parents who are Uber drivers and they think it’s great,” said Natalia Thorup, an Uber rider. “I haven’t heard any complaints in the sense that they aren’t getting paid enough. I don’t think it should be a requirement, but I think maybe it could be like something people could do if they think it’s the right thing.”

As a full-time Uber driver, however, Tony said the extra money could make a big difference.

“We’re not making a lot of money doing this. Especially cause you know, the fares are on average five dollars, maybe ten at most,” said Christensen. “We’re getting 75 percent of that maybe and it doesn’t add up to a lot.”

For Uber Drivers, their vehicle is there office and they say they deserve tips just as much as any other customer service employee.

“You tip your waitress. You tip your pizza delivery guy. You’re already getting a service for so cheap,” said Christensen. “The person’s using their own car to drive you around and when you compare that to a taxi, a lot of people tip taxis. And they’re paying thirty dollars or whatever for a ride. So why would you not tip when you’re paying five or six dollars?”

Riders will have up to thirty days to add a tip using the app and 100 percent of the tip will go to the driver.

There are no service fees for using this tipping service.

As an even bigger incentive, Uber officials said it will match all tips dollar-for-dollar for drivers working today.

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