Benefit held for Sutton Steichen

Sutton was attacked by a dog in early March and has since undergone 4 surgeries

HORACE, N.D. —  The Horace community is coming together to help a 4-year-old girl who was attacked by a dog. Sutton Steichen had to undergo several surgeries.

Hundreds of community members filled the Horace Lutheran Church all for Sutton. The turnout to raise money for Sutton’s four procedures and any future surgeries has overwhelmed the family.

“There was still people walking in this afternoon just dropped by to bring by a check,” said Jeff Steichen, Sutton’s father. “They heard the story on the radio, in the news, some way, shape or form. They didn’t know who Sutton was, didn’t know who I was and they just wanted to drop it off. It’s rare to see a community come together like that and it’s humbling when it’s your daughter and your family.”

Despite undergoing several surgeries, Sutton’s parents say she is back to her normal, bubbly self.

“She’s really been great throughout all of this,” said Lacey Steichen, Sutton’s mother. “Shes been a trooper. Still a happy go lucky girl.”

“At first she was a little shy about it,” said Jeff. “She could tell when people were looking at her injury and now she kind of likes bragging about it, showing it off and she will say things like I’m a tough girl. I’m still pretty. She’s just kind of been her regular old self. Bashful, excited.”

Making sure Sutton was comfortable in her own skin has been her parent’s main mission since the attack in March.

“Her father and I decided that we needed make sure she knows she’s beautiful inside and out no matter what, and so from the get go I started telling her that’s mommy’s favorite cheek,” said Lacey.  “I’d say ‘give me that cheek and I’d give it a kiss and then I’d say ‘why is that mommy’s favorite cheek?’ and she’d say ’cause it’s beautiful.'”

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