Skaters Revealed Their Alter Egos on Superhero Day at Skate City

Kids were invited to dress up as their favorite heroes

FARGO, N.D. — Superheroes soared into Skate City for a morning of fun.

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and other heroes were seen gliding down the rink at Skate City.

They took over the rink for about two hours for “Superhero Skate Day.”

Owners say it’s fun to have themed days like this every once in a while to keep things interesting and switch things up.

“Just seeing the fun that’s happening in the kid’s eyes. I mean we go out there and have a great time and we just see it when they come in and they see the other kids in costumes they get excited and usually it’s impressive how many kids don’t want to leave. They’re all excited when they come in and they never want to leave it seems like,” said Tony Heer, owner of Skate City.

On July 28th from 8:00 to 11:30 pm, Skate City will be holding “Teen Night: Skate & Dance.”

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