Two Fishermen Rescued from the Red River

Around 25-30 people assisted in the rescue

FARGO, ND — Some scary moments on the water for a father and son.

They had to be rescued after getting their fishing boat stuck on the Red River.

About 25-30 people assisted in the rescue.

It was supposed to be a relaxing, father-son fishing excursion.

But it quickly turned into placing a 911 call for help instead.

Justin Kill and his father Ron have been fishing for years but the current proved to be too strong in the Red River this morning.

As their boat got closer to the dam, the motor simply could not free the two men.

Fargo and Moorhead Fire Departments got the call at 10:15 and rushed to the scene to help.

“We organized what’s called a high-line rescue so we could get one of our people across and into the boat, put them into harnesses and get them back to shore safely,” said Fargo Fire Battalion Chief Dane Carley.

Neither of the men were hurt.

The boat, however, is still stuck and a salvaging company will have to come remove it.

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