UPDATE: Mapleton Woman Apologizes for Alleged Death Threats Towards Somali Americans at Fargo Walmart

They said the woman began yelling at them to go "back to their own country"

FARGO, ND — The woman who is at the center of a social media controversy over alleged death threats she made to three Somali Americans at a Fargo Walmart reached out to KVRR to explain why she said what she said.

Amber Hensley said she is sorry things got out of control in the heat of the moment and takes responsibility for the things she said.

“I would first like to apologize for the horrible things that I said to the two ladies at Walmart. It was not a Christian-like thing to do AT ALL and wish I could take it back, but I lost my cool and I can’t. I am terribly sorry. I just wish the whole video could be shown. And the things that were stated before she starts taping. She had parked way too close to my car and I couldn’t get in, when I asked her to move she refused, I asked her again and she swore at me calling me a fat b—-, to that I informed her that I was a Christian and asked her if she knew who Jesus was, she said F— JESUS and I lost it! But there are absolutely no excuses. I am in tears with regret and will take any form of punishment deemed fit..”

We will continue to update you as the story develops.


FARGO, ND — Three Somali-American women who live in Fargo said they were approached by a screaming woman in the parking lot of the Walmart located at 4731 13th Avenue South.

Sarah and Laleyla Hassan and Rowda Soyan said a blonde woman approached them on Tuesday at about 5:30 p.m.

They said the woman began yelling at them to go “back to their own country”.

Sarah said she began shooting video on her phone of the screaming woman, who told them “We’re going to kill all of you. We’re going to kill every one of you.”

The police were called to the scene and a report has been filed, but police have not commented on the incident.

The video has been posted to social media and the community has become outraged.

Hukun Dabar, who is with the Afro-American Development Association, brought the video to our attention and shared it on his social media.

Many people are demanding the woman, who has so far not been officially identified, to be charged with a hate crime.

We have talked to some of the people involved and will bring you their story Wednesday.

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