Michigan Man Stops in Fargo to Break His Own World Record

Julian Ruck will be playing the ukulele for 30 hours straight to break a second world record doing so

FARGO, ND — One Michigan man is breaking world records one ukulele chord at a time.

Julian Ruck headed to the Red Raven Tavern to break one of his world records for a second time, which is having the longest ukulele performance in the world.

His performance will last for 30 hours, with five minute intervals each hour.

Prior to this, Ruck performed in Chico, California breaking the record for the world’s longest concert.

He said as satisfying as it is for him to break records, it’s more about the people he meets along his journey.

“Every time I do some type of crazy musical adventure, even if it’s busking out on the street on some random night, something always happens in an intangible sense that makes it absolutely worth it,” Ruck said.

Ruck will be heading to Chico, California next to host ‘Chicostock’, which will be his three day long tribute performance to Woodstock.

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