Hey Hey Hey Hey, What is Going on at the Redhawks Game?

The famous principal from a hit 90's TV show visits Fargo for a baseball game

FARGO, ND — The FM Redhawks got a visit from a famous principal for Educators Appreciation Night.

“The thing I know about cities are the people, and the people here are great,” said Dennis Haskins,¬†also known as Mr. Belding from the hit 1990’s show, “Saved By The Bell.”

Haskins visited with baseball players and fans at Newman Outdoor Field.

During the game, he gave autographs and took pictures with visitors.

Many fans asked him to put them in detention.

He said it’s his first time in Fargo, but knows the area because his hometown collegiate teams in Chattanooga frequently played against the Bison.

Although he only played an educator on TV, Haskins told us he loves supporting teachers.

“I had a staff of writers who would go, ‘we wish you were our principal.’ I would say, ‘Listen. I’d have to bring in writers, we’d have to make sure things went according to the script and nothing goes according to the script in schools,” said Haskins. “But those people really work hard and they take care of our kids. So you gotta love that.”

Belding is set to appear in a Shark Week film called Trailer Park Shark.

He said he also has a future appearance with Bill Nye The Science Guy.

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