House Moved From Fargo to Mapleton Due to Diversion Project

Fargo Saw Road Closures Due to a House Being Moved From Fargo to Mapleton

FARGO, ND — Drivers this morning along South University in Fargo were slowed down thanks to a house on wheels.

The house is just one of many of the homes being moved due to the F-M Diversion project.

It took a journey to the Mapleton Golf Course, where a family will be able to move into it in November.

Preparations to move the house started in May.

The homeowner says seeing her house being moved on a truck was a new experience.

“It’s exciting but I just hope everything will in one piece when it gets there,” said Mandy Antony.

The house and garage being transported had all of the furniture moved out of it and all of the doors and framing, along with all of the windows from the basement was kept inside of the house.

The homeowner said they got a great deal on the home, thanks to the diversion buyout.

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