Cass County Sheriff’s Office Auctions Off Confiscated Weapons

A Samurai sword and motorcycle among items sold

FARGO, N.D. — Going once.

“Fifteen here. How about 20?” said training division corporal Jeffrey Olson.

Going twice.

“Going three times, sold,” Olson said.

Everything from a samurai sword to a motorcycle was sold at the Cass County Sheriff’s Office 3rd annual firearms auction. Many of the items were confiscated by the court or donated.

“It’s crazy some of the stuff that we get donated to us to sell at this auction to benefit the taxpayers,” Olson said.

For Olson, the craziest item ever sold was at last year’s auction. People in the crowd bid one after the other for a very rare rifle. It also happened to be the most expensive item ever sold at one of the auctions at $800.

The Sheriff’s Office hosts the auction because it is mandated by the state of North Dakota.

The law says any firearm a law enforcement agency gains from an arrest must be sold in an auction, traded to other law enforcement, kept or destroyed.

And of course, there are rules in place before someone can walk away with one of the firearms. Everyone who successfully bids must go through a background check.

Tyler Sletten bid on items in the auction for his firearms store.

“The Cass County Sheriff’s Auction is a great opportunity for us to get out and look for new merchandise and at the same time, we’re helping support the people that protect us. And you can’t ask for more than that,” Sletten said.

But if you try asking for a new auctioneer, just know one thing.

“I always put out my disclaimer that I’m not an auctioneer, so please don’t throw tomatoes at me,” Olson said.

Anyone that is a North Dakota resident and 18 years or older could purchase a long gun and anyone 21 or older could purchase a pistol at the auction.

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