Bringing Everyone Up to Speed: Midco Breaks Ground on New Fargo Data Center

It's one of the first of its kind in the region

FARGO, ND — A $12 million Midco facility is coming to Fargo.

It’s one of the first of its kind in the region.

In a world where technology is constantly changing, there are still some people who don’t have access to high speed internet.

Midco is working to change that.

“With the way the world is working today, I don’t think you could have a job without having internet access,” said Steve Grosser, who is Midco’s executive vice president and CEO.

Midco is spending over $200 million to provide their services to the entire Metro area and even rural areas that don’t get access to the internet.

“Every small town in North Dakota will be, if it’s not yet, some of the small towns have already been covered, but others will be covered by the end of the year,” Grosser said.

But Midco wants to change the way Fargo operates too.

The company broke ground on a Fargo Data Center and officials said it will help make the city a “vital” tech infrastructure by bringing it to the attention of national companies.

They said it’ll do so by focusing on the younger generation.

“No question,” said Senator John Hoeven. “I mean, this is bringing in and keeping you know, the great, young talent that the people with innovative ideas, the people that want to start a new business, be an entrepreneur.”

The company said the main attraction for these creative entrepreneurs will be the faster connections Midco can provide.

“Our fiber optic network is 8,600 miles, state of the art, highly redundant,” Grosser said. “Up time is going to be very good. The response time should be very good for customers.”

Grosser said Fargo is the place to build the center because of Midco’s relationship with the city.

“It was appropriate for us, given our involvement in Fargo to be expanding here,” Grosser said. “It was great. We looked at a number of sites, but this was the best place for us to be.”

But it’s also because Fargo is a place people connect with.

“You go anywhere in the country, they know Fargo, North Dakota,” Sen. Hoeven said.

Technology is the way to further expand that connection.

“It links us with the world,” added Sen. Hoeven.

Because it can bring the world to our fingertips.

The Data Center is a $12 million investment.

It is expected to be completed and fully operational by 2018.

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