Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas

Naturopathic Doctor, Andrea Hillstad, Gives an Example of What to Pack Your Kid This School Year

WEST FARGO, ND — It’s almost time to go back to school, which means it’s almost time to start packing your kids’ lunch.

Dr. Andrea Hillstad, a naturopathic doctor who works out of West Fargo, shows examples on how to pack a healthy lunch.

She said a good snack is apple nachos topped with date sauce, almond butter, raspberries and chocolate.

As for lunch, she recommended making a banana almond butter rollup with fruits, veggies and seaweed.

“When you get your kids to eat healthy foods early on in life, that sets them up to have a healthy adulthood,” Dr. Hillstad said. “Everything that you’re giving them now is going into their growing bodies and it creating the foundation for their health later on in life.”

Hillstad said when eating fruits and vegetables, it’s best to try and eat the colors of the rainbow.

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