Ox Cart Days Return to Crookston With A Huge Turnout

The 28th annual Ox Cart Days was held for five days in Crookston

CROOKSTON, MINN., — Ox Cart Days makes its return in Crookston for the 28th year in a row.

After a few years of low turnout, organizers knew they needed to make a change.

Crookston couldn’t have picked a better day to end Ox Cart Days as hundreds of people spent their day in the sun.

“There’s horseshoe clinic going on splash park free picnic wheels derby,” said Event Coordinator, Nell Deboer.

“I did the dodgeball tournament, their team took first our team took second and then it was kind of like a battle. We played 8 games,” said Carter Coluatte.

It doesn’t end there.

There was bingo, multiple slip and slides and chalk art all throughout the day.

“It was suggested a year ago that this festival was dead. It’s not! So here we are and that’s my favorite part,” said Event Coordinator, Libby Boucher.

When their attendance numbers started to drop in previous years, organizers were determined to make this year better than ever.

“We stepped up took it over and said we will make this right and we did. Crookston showed up so it’s been fantastic,” said Deboer.

In addition, organizers who built the Splash Park say they’re excited to celebrate the festival on the one year anniversary of the water park opening.

“I’m so glad that it’s part of Ox Cart Days. Thinking back when we first came up with the idea I just didn’t think it would be part of the main events and now it’s a whole day being out here,” said Event Coordinator Ann Longtin.

“It’s everything that we want. We want kids in motion; we want kids moving around, enjoying being physical and this is the perfect place to do it,” said Organizer Shirley Iverson.

It looks like Crookston is in for a treat because it seems Ox Cart Days isn’t going anywhere.

“It’s fun. We’ve been around every day,” said Coluatte.

“Anybody that hasn’t participated in the Ox Cart Days event should definitely check it out. It’s every year in August and it’s going to be great every year,” said Longtin.

Ox Cart Days takes place in Crookston the third weekend of August every year.


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