Making A Better Marriage: Red River Retrouvaille

Newlywed, long-time loves, or even the divorced can learn a lot about how to reconnect.

Marriage is one of the grand traditions of life here in the region, but like a lot of things worth having, it might only look easy from the outside.

That’s where the Fargo Catholic Diocese has your back. Whether you’re a newlywed, a wannabe, an old-time expert or even someone who’s experienced the pain and loss of a divorce, they’re offering a new seminar called “Retrouvaille” coming in September.

Based on the French language word for rediscovery, it’s a weekend-long course designed to help you reconnect and learn new ways of communicating with the person you love. It features presentations by three different couples who overcame some serious challenges in making their marriages work, plus a presentation by a Catholic priest.

KVRR’s Emily Welker sat down live in-studio with the diocese’s Brad Gray to talk about the surprising things you can learn through the program, whether you’re Catholic or not.

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