Ruby’s Pantry Hands Out Enough Food to Fill Up Laundry Baskets

United Church of Christ Moorhead gave away surplus amount of food

MOORHEAD, Minn. —¬†Moorhead college students and church members handed out surplus food items in rural areas.

Minnesota State Community and Technical College students and members of the United Church of Christ handed out laundry baskets full of food for each $20 donation made to the non-profit organization Ruby’s Pantry.

Donated food items include fresh produce, canned goods, meat, dairy products and frozen and refrigerated items.

There were no income or residency requirements for those involved.

“We’re here at Minnesota State Technical instead of at our church because our facilities aren’t big enough,” said Pastor Michelle Webber. “Minnesota State Technical found out through a student survey that 30 percent of their students don’t have enough food for the month and so they were very interested in having a food pantry on campus.”

The monthly event is fully staffed by M-State students, faculty and UCC congregation members.

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