Nepali Movie Star Appears at West Acres Cinema for Premier of New Flick

"Radha" has something for everyone

FARGO, ND — One of Nepal’s movie stars appeared at the West Acres Cinema for a special premier of his new movie, “Radha”.

“Radha” has something for everyone.

It’s a fiction story filled with fantasy, love, romance and plenty of drama centered around a woman who wants to make her dreams come true despite everything stacked against her.

Actor Jiwan Luitel has more than 40 movies under his belt and wanted to share his Nepali culture with the Fargo community.

Luitel lives in the area six months out of the year and says the community’s dedication to film and culture in the area is what keeps him coming back.

“That connection, that movie connection dragged me here this time to Fargo and now I’m happily living here and enjoying it,” Luitel said. “Thank you for watching me, thank you for knowing Nepali movies, Nepali culture, Nepali actor and it’s my pleasure and my honor to have you in this theater.”

Luitel said the movie will stay at West Acres as long as it is in demand.

He said he will be premiering it in different theaters across the country, including Washington D.C. and New Jersey.

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