The Search for Savanna Greywind Continues, Newborn Girl Found in Upstairs Apartment

A newborn infant has been found in the apartment Greywind was last known to have been in

FARGO, ND — Shocking new details in the search for 22-year-old Savanna Greywind of Fargo.

A newborn infant has been found in the apartment Greywind was last known to have been in.

Police will not confirm if the two-day-old baby girl is Greywind’s but they say they have detained two people who live upstairs in the apartment.

Police are still at the scene of the apartment building located on the 2800 block of 9th Street North.

They continue to take items out of the building and load them into the backs of vehicles.

This all started after police say they received a tip of a baby crying in an upstairs apartment and were able to secure a search warrant.

Police arrived this morning and evacuated the building and detained the two people living in the upstairs apartment Savanna Greywind was last seen in.

They have not released their identities.

Witnesses say they watched an officer carry an infant out of the building.

Police told family members of Greywind’s that they are comparing the infant’s DNA with that of the father’s.

Greywind has not been found.

Family members say while she went to the upstairs apartment, she did not know the people who lived there well.

“They believe now that the woman maybe had some mental illness,” said Greywind’s aunt, Tarita Silk. “She was in her 50’s and the boyfriend I believe was in his 30’s and the woman worked with the man, worked with one of the neighbors at Subway it might be here in town and was telling him that a week ago she was going to have a baby and he told his girlfriend that lives here ‘I thought that was odd cause she didn’t look pregnant’. And now this turns up so. Savanna had had maybe one conversation with the lady.”

Silk said the family got a tip that Greywind could be in an area 30 miles from Fargo, possibly in a recreational area or rest area.

The family says they are heading to Buffalo River State Park to help in the search.

Fargo Fire Department is assisting police by doing river searches daily.

A Prayer Walk for Greywind is scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m. at Oak Grove Park.


Fargo Police say the newborn has been taken to Sanford and is in good health.

It has been placed under protective custody of Cass County Social Services.

For the first time in this case, Fargo Police Chief David Todd provided an update on the Greywind case.

He posted a statement on the departmen’s Facebook page earlier this afternoon.

“At this time we do not have information that tells us where Savanna Greywind is,” Todd said. “We have two people detained right now for questioning and the investigation is proceeding. We ask people to be patient with us because this is at a critical juncture of the investigation.”

There had been speculation and rumors going around regarding Dawn Kirby, who lives close to Savanna.

But police say they ruled out the convicted sex offender.

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