Two Arrested and Accused of Kidnapping in Greywind Disappearance

Officers said the two lived in the same building where Savanna Greywind was last seen

FARGO, ND — Police have arrested two people in connection with the disappearance of Savanna Greywind.

In a Facebook post, officers said 32-year-old William Hoehn and 38-year-old Brooke Crews were detained and interviewed after a search warrant was carried out at their apartment this afternoon.

They both face charges of Class A Felony Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping.

Officers said the two live at 2825 9th Street North in Fargo, the same apartment building where Grewywind vanished.

They said several officers and detectives have worked overnights throughout the week to find leads on Greywind’s case and expect them to work many more hours.

The investigation is still active and Greywind has yet to be found.



A newborn infant has been found in the apartment Greywind was last known to have been in.

Family members said the baby is Greywind’s and named her Hazley Joe.

Officers detained two people who live upstairs in the apartment.

Police were still on scene late in the evening and said a baby has been found but are still looking for Savanna.

“I was just watching TV in the bedroom with my girlfriend and heard some commotion outside,” said Christopher Miranda, a neighbor. “It was the police showing up knocking their door down and I peeked out the door, stayed inside and so I was like, okay, this is going down.”

At around 3:00p.m., Fargo officers found a healthy, 2-day-old baby girl in the building where Savanna was last seen.

“About 10 DCI or detectives went running in there,” said Tarita Silk, Savanna’s aunt.

The child was transported to Sanford Hospital.

Police received a tip of a baby crying and were able to secure a search warrant.

They evacuated the building and detained two people.

Her aunt, Tarita Silk, said Savanna had little contact with the upstairs neighbor who she modeled a dress for.

“They know they believe now the woman may have had some mental illness,” Silk said. “She was in her fifties and the man I believe was in his thirties. Savanna had had maybe one conversation with this lady.”

The two people detained were found in a third floor apartment.

Savanna’s family lives on the first floor.

“They had the two subjects in custody were going to interrogate them for however long it took to find out where Savanna’s at,” Silk said.

One neighbor said he always felt suspicious about the people living above him.

“They gave me weird vibes,” Miranda added.

He told us they’re normally are louder, but since Saturday, the two have been quieter.

“Since Saturday, it’s been real tip-toe and they haven’t been fighting,” he said. “What’re they cooperating about?”

Savanna’s family is asking the community to continue helping in the search for Savanna.

“The thing that we ask is just to have a positive outlook that we find Savanna and either way, we just want her home,” Silk said.

A Prayer Walk for Greywind is scheduled for Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at Oak Grove Park.

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