North Dakota Gas Prices May Jump Due to Hurricane Harvey

Houston Residents Evacuated to Higher Ground

HOUSTON, TX — A friend of KVRR morning meteorologist Scott Sincoff has been evacuated from Houston.

Chris Ramirez is a senior at Mississippi State.

He said he and his family were evacuated from Houston due to the massive flooding.

The deluge caused lots of damage for property owners.

Although the rain has lightened up, Ramirez said flooding may get worse.

“The big issue here is that they’re now doing releases from the reservoirs across Houston. So the people who weren’t flooded initially during the initial soaking of Harvey, they’re now getting flooded, like now,” said Ramirez.

Meteorologists with the National Hurricane Center say that the storm is starting to move out of southeast Texas with it weakening into Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.


AAA officials say North Dakota drivers could see a spike in gas prices due to Hurricane Harvey.

Although the state doesn’t get a lot of its supplies from oil refineries on the Gulf Coast, Gene LaDoucer of AAA said we could see a ripple effect depending on the damage the storm does and how long it’ll take to recover.

If prices do go up, he said it would probably be around $.10, where as other parts of the country could see around a $.25 increase per gallon.


Nineteen volunteers from the Dakotas Region of American Red Cross have already deployed to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts but many more are needed.

Volunteer training classes will be held on Wednesday in north Fargo and will last about one hour.

You will become a registered Red Cross volunteer following the training.

You can make a financial donation by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or text the word “Harvey” to 90999 to make an instant $10 donation.

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