Community Grieves, Provides Support to Savanna Greywind’s Family

A memorial, vigils and fund were all set up for the Greywind's

FARGO, ND — People in the F-M area are sending a message to Savanna Greywind’s family.

It’s one of both support and hope.

It’s not just Greywind’s loved ones grieving for the loss of their daughter, sister and girlfriend.

People throughout the F-M area are shaken to their core.

“This, in particular with the baby involved, makes it worse,” Jessica Moen, of Fargo, said.

The community is stopping at nothing to make sure Greywind’s family knows they have a support system to lean on.

They’ve put on vigils, a memorial outside of her apartment building and now, a fund at U.S. Bank for Greywind’s daughter, Haisley Jo.

“It helps us to grieve to get close to the family,” Moen said. “To get the hugs, I mean hugs are healing. To laugh with each other if we can laugh, to cry with each other. It is a part of healing and I think with this big of a tragedy, we all need the healing. It’s like losing your own daughter.”

Moen’s 11-year-old daughter, Ruth, came with her mom to Greywind’s memorial so she could give the family a letter she wrote.

“It makes me feel sad and want to know more about it,” Ruth said.

It’s our tight-knit community that will continue to rally around the Greywind family during this tragic time.

“Fargo, I think, is maybe one of the most exceptional places for that,” Kim Solberg said. “I think we’re all very supportive to whoever it may be.”

The work is not over yet, though.

Some members of the community said the support for the family and indigenous women cannot be temporary in order to truly make a difference.

“The response from the community has been strong but I think that it’s important to continue it,” Jeffrey Holth, of Fargo, said. “That it not be something that lasts for a week or month even.”

That’s why Holth has a message to the Greywind family.

“We grieve with you as a community and we will do our best to continue grieving with you and making sure these things don’t happen,” Holth said.

“Stay strong. Don’t give up,” Moen said.

“I wish you peace and just to take care and try and remain strong,” Solberg said. “I don’t know how you can do that but I think all of Fargo is behind you and ready to back you and my prayers go out to you.”

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